Snow Mountain Biking, Fat Bikes at Grand Targhee Ski Resort

Grand Targhee Resort is the first ski resort in the United States to embrace and endorse fat bikes aka snow biking on our nordic trail system. Bikers who purchase a Nordic Day Ticket or a Nordic Season Pass will have access to ride on the Grand Targhee Resort Nordic Trail System.
About Fat ‘Snow’ Biking

The fat ‘snow’ bike was created to go where standard “all terrain” bikes flounder. The floatation and traction afforded by large-volume, low-pressure tires can get you over and through otherwise unrideable terrain…sand, mud, wet rocks and roots, ice and many kinds of snow. The fat bike is purpose built for snow and sand with wide, high flotation tires that enable travel on a variety of low pressure surfaces. Huge tires make for a comfy ride and distribute weight for FLOAT and TRACTION IN THE SNOW.
Snow Bike Rules of the Trail

Bikes – should yield right away at all intersections
Snow bike lane – ride too left of classic track/ yield to all skiers. Stay to right side of trail around corners and for oncoming skiers
Snow bike riders – should let track set–up until 10:00am on morning in which the track is groomed
Ride Rick’s Basin and Quakie loops counterclockwise only(best direction for hills)
Trail passes are mandatory
Trails – Do not ride in soft conditions. Hard packed conditions on trails with 2”new snow is ok, more than 2” (you can’t climb or descend very well). In a snow cycle 12” or more with freshly groomed trails can be too soft. If you leave a rut, it’s too soft
Snow bikes only on trails, tires must be 3.7” or bigger
Snow bike riding – only on designated Nordic trails at Grand Targhee Resort

Licensing Option

Valley riders are encouraged to purchase a snow bike license and can find more information about Teton Valley trails at the Teton Valley Trails & Pathways website. The local community of Victor, Driggs and Alta have also allowed this new and unique way to ride year round. Riding a Fat Bike on snow provides another recreational opportunity for guests to enjoy nature in the Tetons.