• Home should be kept as clean as possible at all times; you never know when a short notice showing is going to be your buyer.
  • Make beds every day, do the dishes, etc.
  • You may not even notice the dirty handprints on the door to the garage anymore, but buyers will.
  • Look closely at your home with an objective eye.
  • De-clutter: This may include removing and storing some of your furnishings so that the traffic flow of the home is not congested.
  • Put knick knacks, collections, and dust collectors in boxes and out of sight, too much stuff is distracting from the home.
  • De-clutter the garage as well as the home. A cluttered garage looks inadequate and small. A garage is a huge selling point in our winter environment, don’t overlook it.
  • Remove kid type stickers and such from doors and windows.


  • Repaint walls and ceilings if necessary and you have the time and energy. Replace dark colors with light and bright. Most buyers don’t share the flair for unusual colors like pink and fluorescent green etc.
  • Every home and homeowner have a to-do list of odd repairs and small projects. Try and knock some of these off the list. Replace the bathroom door knob set that’s been missing one of the knobs for 2 years and that sort of thing.
  • Keep the lawn and landscaping tidy and neat. Curb appeal is a big factor in getting buyers into your home. Many buyers drive by before making an appointment to view. Your home may not make the list if it doesn’t show well from the street. In this same vein, re-stain/paint the exterior if it needs it.
  • Keep in mind that buyers hire home inspectors. If there is a long laundry list of small repairs, window glass with bad seals and the home needs to be re-stained, those items are going to come up in the inspection report. Don’t be surprised if they do, or if the buyer finds them discouraging or distracting. Try not to overlook the small repair and cleaning items that a buyer will probably notice.